Sneaker is a 1st-person, puzzle-stealth game, where your weapons are your shoes, that allow you to distract guards, grapple to certain places and even block out volumes of light depending on the shoe.


To aid in your missions, you are equipped with the ability to rewind time, allowing you to experiment and test yourself in this challenging stealth game.


The game is set in a stylised world where a bureaucratic and at times, nonsensical system rules over a hapless city. By traversing the various institutions of the city, you hope to uncover the mystery behind this System, the Castle it resides in and the Representative that enacts its will.

  • Developer: Threebeak

  • Release Date: October, 2019 (Steam)

  • Platforms: PC (Steam)

  • Website:

  • Price: USD 11.99

  • Availability: Digital Download

  • Languages: English

  • File Size: 2.5 GB

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